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Ruby Gems

In my early Ruby programming days, I would create some utility classes or useful code, and then just copy it into a lib directory between projects. Quite often it would only be useful for a single project or throwaway task. As I became a more experienced programmer, I started trying to create useful side effects from my projects, thinking about creating modules that might be useful in the future.

Gemify My Code

Obviously I heard of gems and used them extensively, but I never really thought to create one myself, thinking it would be too much hassle. Well, it turns out that creating a Ruby gem is really simple, so I decided to gather up some of the code I had lying around in various lib directories and turn it into reusable gems.

There is nothing super exciting here, even the names of the gems are a little boring. However, all this code has served me well for various things, and I figured it was better out in the open than locked away on my hard drive.

March 07, 2013

PLSQL Unit Test

Continuing on my track of creating Ruby Gems to help with database interactions, I created PLSQL Unit Test.

February 28, 2013

Data Factory

When I was writing PLSQL unit tests with Ruby, I came across a need to stage test data into tables. I didn't really want to involve an ORM like Active Record, but working with RAW insert statements quickly became a chore, so I created the Data Factory gem.

February 12, 2013

Simple Oracle JDBC

The first, and hopefully not last Ruby Gem I have released. This one is a wrapper around Oracle JDBC connections to make it easier to make database calls.