I am Stephen O'Donnell, a software developer, swimmer, hiker and want-to-be surfer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and "Apps In The Open" is my blog.

In my day job I am a database designer, trouble shooter and database performance expert, with about 10 years experience running big Oracle database systems. I am also quite partial to a bit of Perl hacking and more recently Ruby and Ruby on Rails Development.


This blog is where I will post ideas, links and articles to various things I have been working on outside my day job, along with the odd rant or opinion piece. Really it's a place for me to showcase my work so that the many prototypes and ideas I have been hacking on that don't quite make it are not locked away on my laptop unseen by anyone but me.


You can contact me at stephen@appsintheopen.com and if you are not cheeky or rude, I will do my best to reply.